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Note: all prices mentionned on this page are VAT included and may be already lower when you read this. So be sure to enquire for the latest pricing.

  • Intel introduced a smaller manufacturing process (0.09 instead of 0.13), allowing a new range of faster CPUs: the Celeron-D replacing the Celeron (256KB L2 cache instead of 128 and FSB 533 MHz instead of 400 MHz) and the Pentium-4 520 to 560 replacing the Pentium-4. With this processor, Intel also introduces a new 775 pins socket.
  • Motherboards with the socket 775 use Intel's i915 and i925 chipsets. These chipsets implement for the first time a new type of connectors for expansion cards, the PCI Express. While PCI had a maximum bandwith of 32 bits x 33 MHz = 133 MB/s shared among all PCI devices and AGP had a maximum bandwith of 2 GB/s, PCI Express is a scaleable serial architecture with a 250 MB/s bandwith for each device (PCI Express x1), or up to 4 GB/s (PCI Express x16, due to replace the AGP slot).
  • AMD introduced the Athlon XP3500+ and 3800+ with a new 939 pins socket. In the near future, boards using this socket are also expected to switch to the PCI Express standard. These CPUs keep the last introductions of AMD, Cool'n Quiet technology for managing the fans and the enhanced security (buffer overflow protection at the CPU level) features with the Service Pack 2 for Windows XP.
  • Asus is now shipping two new models of desktop replacement notebooks, the L58D (with the Athlon mobile processor), and the L59GX (with a Pentium-4 processor). The L59GX also exists in a barebone configuration (notebook + DVD-RW, without CPU, hard disk, memory and wifi), making it easy to build custom configurations matching precisely your needs.
  • New Intel CPUs for notebook, the Dothan with 2MB L2 cache, roughly at the same price level than the previous Banias 1MB processors.
  •  08/03 
  • Many screen producers (Sony, NEC, ...) completely switch to LCD screen, and progressively abandon CRTs
  • A new set of graphic cards from Asus, based on the Radeon chipsets.
  • Prices of DVDRW drives going down. Now a (bulk) drive around 150 (Pioner DVR-106)
  • Linux Suse 9.0, available as full version or as an update.
  •  09/03 
    After the quiet season, manufacturers go back to work, and introduced during the last month many, many new products. This translates to 117 new components in our price list. Here is a summary of the main introductions :
  • New boards from Asus for Opteron (SK8N) and Athlon-64 (K8V) processors.
  • New range of LCD panels from Iiyama.
  • New range of external hard disks from Maxtor (up to 300 GB).
  • Many new PCI S-ATA controller (from Adaptec and RAID controllers from 3Ware)
  • the Plextor PX-708UF external firewire/USB2 DVDRW.
  • Creative completely renews its range of sound cards and speakers.
  • Many new printers from HP.
  • Microsoft Office 2003. Worth noticing, the new 'basic edition', containing Word, Excel and Outlook. In constrast with Office XP, Office 2003 Small Business Edition now includes Powerpoint.
  •  08/03 
  • Several producers - Pioneer, Plextor, IOmega, ... - now introduced DVDRW drives, thereby introducing as many direct competitors to the Sony DRU-510A (of which the price was updated accordingly ). All these drives are priced between 240 and 300 EUR VAT incl.
  • Plextor announced several new product ranges, aside from their usual CD writer products. They now added other optical devices to their offering (CD and DVD readers), as well as USB2 memory modules (available in capacities ranging from 128 to 512 MB, all of them with a write speed of 5 MB/s and a read speed of 4 MB/s).
  • A range of new printers from HP, set to replace the deskjet 3420/3820/5550. Basically, the new models resemble to the old ones, with the 5550 replaced by two models (3420 => 3550, 3820 => 3650, 5550 => 5150 & 5652).
  •  07/03 
    Changes in the recupel contributions
    As of july 1st, the recupel contributions have been strongly adapted. Here are the main changes:
  • the contribution on a CRT screen becomes 8 , whereas the amount for an LCD panel remains unchanged (6 ),
  • the contribution on speakers remains unchanged for a set of 2 speakers (0,50 ), but climbs to 6 for systems with more speakers,
  • the 'all-in-PC' disappears, and the 9 contribution is replaced by the sum of the contributions on the individual components.
  • all-in-one printers are now split between devices of which the main function is to fax, and devices mainly built to copy (don't ask where precisely the limit is, I don't have a clue ;-)
    => For the sake of simplicity, we will from now on include the recupel contributions in the prices indicated in the price list.
    Your invoice will also display the total price including the recupel contributions, and the total contribution paid for that invoice.
  •  05/03 
  • Intel is introducing new processors, with a front side bus running at 800 MHz. These processors access 2 DDR 400 memory modules at a time. Several new chipsets support this technology: i865PE and its sibling i865GE with a graphic card integrated (e.g. Asus P4P800 and P4P800-VM), i875P (e.g. Asus P4C800).

  • Intel i875PE

    Asus P4C800
    212 EUR

    Asus P4P800
    151 EUR

    Asus P4P800-VM
    125.5 EUR
  • New USB memory modules going now up to 2 GB.
  • A complete new range of chipsets from Nvidia: GeForce FX5200 (e.g. Asus V9520, Creative FX5200), FX5600 (e.g. Asus V9560, Creative FX5600 Ultra) and FX5800 (e.g. Asus V9900).

  • Asus v9520 Magic
    104.5 EUR

    Asus v9560 /TD
    227.5 EUR

    Asus v9900 /TD
    377.5 EUR
  • The first 10,000 rpm IDE (S-ATA) drive ever, from Western Digital.

  • WD360GD "Raptor" 36 GB
    191 EUR
  • HP replaces the range of D- all-in-one printers (D125, D135, D145, D155) with the OfficeJet 7110, 7130 and 7140.

    key differentiators:
    7110 = inkjet printer + flatbed scanner + copier + fax
    7130 = 7110 + duplex + memory card slot + 16 MB RAM
    7140 = 7130 + 2nd paper tray + network

  • HP OfficeJet 7110
    509.5 EUR

    HP OfficeJet 7130
    604.5 EUR

    HP OfficeJet 7140
    783 EUR
  • We now carry several new noise reduction systems to broaden our range: coolers from Zalman and Arctic cooling, Akasa Pax.mate (sheets of noise damping foam), new AOpen power supplies with a 12 cm fan,... Note: several components in the PC should be taken into account if you want a really quiet PC. Feel free to ask us more information about specific components when assembling a new computer.

  • Zalman CNPS6000Cu
    (not in stock)

    Zalman CNPS7000Cu
    (92 mm fan)
  • We still have requests for PCI graphic cards, so we added the Creative Labs GeForce MX420 PCI to the price list.
  • For those of you who find white PCs a bit too common, we have now a complete black solution, with the AOpen H600B case, a Samsung DVD and/or Plextor CD-rewriter, and a Sony floppy disk. Just add a Logitech cordless desktop and maybe a black TFT screen, and you have a quite nice-looking design.
  • A quite cheap solution for an ADSL connection without going to the notoriously unstable USB solutions: an Olitec ADSL PCI modem (their product includes two filters - you don't have to buy additionnally a starter kit from Belgacom) at 92 euros, and a subscription to Tiscali ADSL (35 EUR monthly). Of course, for those who want to connect several PCs, it is still better to get an external modem and a router (e.g. DLink DSL-300 and DI-604, or integrated solutions like the Asus AAM-6000EV, or DLink DSL-500 or DSL-504). Feel free to contact us for more information.
  • New printers at HP, with the Laserjet 2300, the successor to the 2200, and the Laserjet 1150.
  • Onstream now offers an IDE declination of its 120 GB tape drive. Their range is quite appealing, if you consider a device with the same capacity but using other technologies (be it AIT, DAT or DLT) would cost several hundreds of euros more. There is even a possibility to go up to 240 GB of compressed data, in a rack mount system. This makes the Onstream drives a very good solution for your backups, especially if you don't intend to use large series of medias.

  • Click on the picture for more details
  • Finally, a last quickie. As some of you may now, our past experience showed Hercules does not deliver the level of reliability we want to provide to our customers. For this reason, we are quite proud to propose now the full range of Tyan graphic cards, based on the ATI chipsets.

  • Tachyon G9000 Pro
    133 EUR

    Tachyon G9500 Pro
    266 EUR

    Tachyon G9700 Pro
    449.5 EUR
  • The AMD Barton is now available, with an internal L2 cache of 512 KB, and a front side bus running at 333 MHz.
  • The availability of the first serial ATA drives was postponed several times, but we received now our first shipment of drives.
  • Plextor announced a new SCSI CD-rewriter, running at 40x12x40x. It is available both in an internal version and in an external box.
  • Asus announced a new computer with the portability and the convenience of a notebook, but the performance, the features, and last but not least the price tag of a desktop.
    This notebook uses a new concept inspired by the fact that most people use their notebook at work or at home, but not on the battery. Therefore, the battery is taken out, a desktop processor and fan is used instead of a Mobile model, and a 'normal' 168 pins DIMM replaces the usual 'notebook-type' 200 pins SO-DIMM memory. Since there is more space available, new features are added as well: a 6-in-1 memory reader (compact flash, smart media and other popular memory cards), 4 USB2 ports, two firewire ports and a S/PDIF digital audio output. The result is a slightly heavier notebook, but, since almost all components used in this computer are the same as for a desktop computer, the price level is the same as for a desktop computer as well. Typically, a fairly decent model, with a Pentium IV 2.4 GHz, a 30 GB hard disk, 512 MB memory and a DVD drive costs 1.290 EUR VAT incl. (1.066,12 EUR VAT excl.). If you want more information, you may go on Asus website, check our prices, or come to our shop to see our demonstration unit.
  •  09/02 
  • Intel introduced recently CPUs clocked at 2.8 GHz, while AMD announced the XP 2600+.
  • New chipsets (both for Intel CPUs - SIS 648 - and on the AMD side - KT400) now support the serial ATA type of connection. This new standard, currently supporting a transfer rate of 150 MB/sec is due to evolve to 300 then 600 MB/sec in the future.
  • A new type of memory, the DDR-400, with a bandwith of 3.2 GB/sec (PC3200).
  • Plextor introduced its new range of CD-rewriters. They are available with an IDE interface (PX-W4824TA) or a USB2 connection (PX-W4824TU). This speed daemon can rewrite a full CD in about 3 minutes (24x). Writing and reading CDs is done at 48x speed.
  • Antec now delivers two new ranges of cases, the Performance II and Performance Plus types of cases. The price is completely reasonable, taking into account the impressive array of features: lateral fan, front mounted USB & firewire ports, air filters on the front, silent power supplies, screwless assembly, ...
  • Several new printers, both from Epson (Stylus Photo 830, 915, 925, ... all having a 720x5760 dpi resolution) and HP (5550, 7150, 7350 all having their new PhotoRET IV colour printing system).
  • New Onstream tapes, with a 120 GB capacity (60 GB non compressed).
  • Intel decided to phase out Celeron mobile CPUs. They also lowered the price of the Pentium IV mobile chips while Pentium III remain on the same price level as before. This makes Pentium III CPUs look a bit old-fashioned now, since a Pentium IV running at a higher frequency is actually less expensive.
  • The Pentium IV mobile CPU is now clocked up to 2 GHz.
  • As a consequence of this, Asus announced a new version of the M24 notebook, the M2400E, to be equipped with a Pentium IV chip. This can make a rather decent machine below 2000 EUR (PIV 1.7 GHz, 256 MB RAM, HD 30 GB, DVD, lan 10/100, fax/modem 56 k).
  • For your convenience, we added many popular notebook options in the price list, like power adapters, batteries, port replicators, ...
  •  06/02 
  • Intel introduced a new generation of Pentium IV processors, with a front side bus running at 533 MHz. The current core speed of those CPUs is 2.26, 2.4 and 2.53 GHz. They also introduced the Celeron 1.8 GHz, a new version of the Celeron, that uses the same core as the Pentium IV. This type of CPU needs a socket 478 mainboard.
  • Prices for memory modules went again much lower than in the past months. We also included in the price list the DDR 333 modules, since the price premium when compared to a DDR 266 module is not that high anymore.
  • Graphic cards equipped with the GeForce Ti4200 chip are finally available.
  • New high speed CD-rewriters (e.g. Plextor and its USB 2.0 4012TU drive, or IOmega and its 40x12x48x firewire rewriter).
  • The L3C from Asus is now readily available. This notebook is equipped with a 15 inch TFT screen (1400x1050), a mobile Pentium IV with 512 KB cache, DDR memory, an ATI mobility Radeon 7500 and a DVD or Combo (DVD + CD-RW) drive. Call us for the price of a specific configuration. Its sibling equipped with a desktop processor is also available in pre-defined configurations (assembled by Asus themselves). It is cheaper than the mobile version, but consumes more power (i.e. shorter battery life and produces more heat).
  •  05/02 
  • In order to tackle the problem of noise in recent/fast systems, we included several quiet fans in our product range. For example, the Arctic Cooling CPU fans for the Athlon (the 2000 rpm version is really quiet, and cools the CPU enough up to 1700+ or 1800+), or the Antec Smart-fan ("smart" because the speed of the fan is controlled by a thermal sensor).
  • Plextor announced a new combo drive (CD-RW 20x10x40x + DVD 12x). The same company also introduced a new version of its 40x12x40x CD-rewriter, with a black front, ideal for black cases.
  • New generations of DVD-rewriters, from HP and Pioneer
  • We now carry a new range of high-end cases, the Performance series from Antec. If you are interested, you can check their specifications on their web site.
  • We added several products from DLink, for wireless networks and small routers for ADSL/cable internet connections.
  • Linux Suse 8.0 is available (with KDE 3.0)
  • A new range of all-in-one inkjet printers from HP (D125, D135, D145 and D155), with features such as printer, copier, scanner, fax (quite usual up to here), duplex, possibility to have additionnal paper trays, with built-in compact flash, smartmedia and memory stick reader, and/or a network connection.
  • Asus introduced a complete new range of notebooks with:
  • the S1300, a light solution (1.9 kg). Prices start at 1815 € with 128 MB, a DVD and a 20 GB hard disk. It can be mounted with a Celeron 1.067 GHz up to 1.2 GHz, or a Pentium III 1.0-1.2GHz. Also available with bigger disks, more memory and Combo (CD-RW + DVD) drive. An external floppy disk and a DVD/CD-RW drive are delivered with the notebook.
  • the L1400B, the "best mainstream solution". Prices start at 1685 € with 128 MB, a DVD and a 20 GB hard disk. Same configuration options as the S1300, but with internal optical drive.
  • the M2400, with the convenience of its multi-functionnal bay. Prices start at 1798 €. Very light for a 14" notebook (2 kg with the traveller drawer installed). Same options as the S1300.
  • the L3C, a solution for the new Pentium IV mobile. Prices start at 2362 €. It can be configured with P4 1.4-1.8 GHz, DVD or Combo drive, 128 up to 1024 MB RAM, and disks ranging from 20 to 60 GB.
  • Finally, the L2 model is made for AMD mobile CPUs. This notebook is not yet available as a configurable box, but we can already get factory assembled models; call us for more information about the configuration of these models.
  •  01/02 
  • New prices on CPUs, valid as of today.
  • As announced previously, Intel switched from RDRAM to DDR memory. They also introduced a new range of CPUs with more cache: a new Celeron with 256 K cache, and new Pentium III and Pentium IV chips with 512K cache.
  • Prices for memory went much higher than they were before. 256 MB RAM costs around 100 €, DDR is only slightly more expensive than SDRAM.
  • Plextor announced a new 40x10x40x rewriter. This new drive should be available in the first half of february.
  • Notebooks are slowly sliding to the 133 MHz bus. Asus for example introduced the L8400F, much alike the older L8400C but with a memory bus running at 133 MHz. The new CPUs corresponding to this faster bus also include 512K cache (instead of 256 previously).
  •  09/01 
  • Intel released the Pentium IV running at 2 GHz. All Pentium IV chips between 1.5 and 2 GHz are now available in either of two packaging: socket-423 or socket-478. Currently socket-423 implies the i850 chipset and the (more expensive but faster) RDRAM memory, while the newer socket-478 implies the i845 chipset and plain old SDRAM memory. In the future, the socket-423 platform will be abandonned in favor of the socket-478 micro-pga packaging. Intel already announced new main boards equipped with socket-478 and RDRAM memory to become the new high end alternative.
  • Intel also released new versions of the coppermine (Pentium III) chip, running at 1.13 and 1.2 GHz. They also released a new Pentium III generation meant for the server environment, the Tualatin, boasting a 512k (i.e. twice as large) 2nd level cache.
  • Intel and AMD again cut prices quite fiercely. AMD is 'still' stuck at 1.4 GHz but keep in mind that, unless your application was compiled to take advantage of the new 144 SIMD instructions constituting SSE2, an Athlon 1.4 GHz still outperforms in many applications a Pentium IV running at 1.6 GHz.
  • Memory prices still going down... 256 MB SDRAM PC133 (MTec) at 1790 BEF.
  • New range of CD-recorders at HP, e.g. now a burnproof solution running at 16x10x40x for 6.590 BEF. Plextor still at the cutting edge of innovation, with a new model running at 24x10x40x, including technologies like burnproof (click here for the explanation), and power-rec II (click here), a new technology meant to optimize the writing speed through the analysis of the media quality. Plextor also announced the first external USB 2.0 8x8x24x CD-rewriter. New drives from Plextor are covered by a 2-year on-site warranty.
  • Still in the optical storage arena: HP announced the DVD100i, a combination of DVD+RW and CD-RW drive, capable of reading/writing CDs at 12x10x32x, and reading/writing DVD+RW media at 2x2x8x. The price is 35110 BEF, slightly below Pioneer DVD-RW drive (besides CDs, that drive can read and write the competing formats, DVD-R and DVD-RW).
  • A new breed of 48 bits scanner from main players in that field (HP Scanjet 44xx, 54xx, 74xx series - Agfa E42,E52 - Epson Perfection 1250 and 1650 - ...).
  • IOmega Peerless drives. This external (USB or firewire) drive is available now in its 20 GB version, but a 10 GB sibling will follow shortly.
  • Adaptec AAR-2400A, the first true IDE RAID controller (i.e. the first one with performances comparable to its SCSI counterparts)
  • Adaptec AUA-3100, one of the first implementations of a USB 2.0 controller, capable of an impressive 480 Mbps transfer rate.
  • Asus released a new notebook equipped with a 15 inch screen, the B1. As a security measure against theft of your notebook and unauthorized usage of your data, this notebook incorporates a fingerprint scanner as a standard feature.
  • IBM released a new 48 GB hard disk running at 5400 rpm, quite impressive for a 2"1/2 drive, isn't it ? If you add the slumping prices on TFT panels and on notebook memory, it's not far-fetched anymore to consider a dream unit, say with 48 GB and 384 MB of RAM for example...
  •  05/01 
  • AMD lowered the prices of its CPUs by up to one third. It means you can get a Thunderbird at 1.33 GHz for about 11000 BEF. Last year at the same time frame, you could have bought a K6-III 400 MHz, or a Pentium II 400 MHz for the same price !
  • Intel introduced the Pentium IV at 1.7 GHz, and a mobile Pentium III running at 1 GHz for notebooks. The price set by Intel for the new 1.7 GHz chip makes it an appealing alternative (taking into account it's the fastest CPU available currently). Intel also cut the price of its Pentium IV by up to 50%, while the Pentium III remained approximately at the same price, making quite clear its will to shift the market to the newer generation of CPU. A Pentium IV 1.3 GHz (delivered with 2 RIMM modules of 64 MB) is only slightly more expensive than a Pentium III 1 GHz + one DIMM 128 MB SDRAM.
  • The price of a RAM module is about one third lower than for our last edition. A 128 MB module now typically sells for around 2000 BEF.
  • We now carry a new brand of coolers, the ThermalTake CPU coolers: their 3-dimensional helical design provides a better cooling efficiency (we have a unit going down to 0.56C/dissipated watt), and yet quieter operation (26 to 29 dBA, somewhere around 10 dBA less than classical coolers).
  • The prices of LCD panels went also impressively down. While the cheapest 15" panel was priced around 50000 BEF a few months ago, you can now get a more than adequate unit at less than 30000 BEF. A new range of panels also appeared in all brands between the (too small) 15" and the (too expensive) 18": you can find a 17" panel typically around 50-70 kF.
  • HP renewed almost completely its range of laser printers.
  • Asus introduced a new range of notebooks, the M1200/M1300. This is a 2-spindle unit (hard drive + modular unit containing either CD, DVD, CD-RW or even a second hard disk). Its design featuring the latest material available (magnesium-aluminium alloy for the top cover, and fiber glass for the bottom) makes it light (1.9 kg) and yet sturdy. It also includes firewire connectivity.
  • IBM announced a new range of disks, the Deskstar 60 GXP. Its rotational speed of 7200 rpm and an exceptional areal density (over 15 Gb/square inch) translate into an impressive transfer rate: 253-494 Mb/sec (internal transfer rate).
  •  02/01 
  • Much lower prices on hard disks, memories, (almost all) HP CD-RW and (a few) HP printers.
  • New range of CD-RW in 16x10x40x (Plextor PX-W1610TA, HP 9710i, ...)
  • Asus is pricing its range of VGA adapters more aggessively. As a result, the GeForce2 GTS card with TV out is for example cheaper than the Creative Labs GeForce2 GTS card (without TV out).
  • The new range of Asus notebooks (A1x00) is quite promising: the A1300B for example is very complete (DVD, 13" TFT LCD panel, 64 MB integrated on board, 56K modem, integrated 10/100 lan interface + 2 empty PCMCIA slots) - just have to throw in a processor and a hard disk, and it's complete! - and yet quite affordable.
  •  11/00 
  • Much lower prices on memory modules. Maybe the right time to buy (if you don't mind not to have the soon-to-be-available new type of memory, the DDR RAM) ?
  • New range of ADSL and cable modems (Zoom and Asus).
  • Matrox announced a new generation of graphics adapter, the G450. Hopefully soon available.
  • More and more hard disks use the UDMA 100 standard (after IBM, Western Digital is now producing a full range of UDMA 100 hard disks).
  • We added Altec Lansing speakers to the set of components we are selling. Special promo on the ATP3 model, at 4490 BEF (instead of 4730 BEF). The ATP3 is a 3 pieces system, with a total of 7 speakers (three speakers per satellite + 1 wooden subwoofer).
  • 3Com and US Robotics divorce (one more episode to the story ;-). Don't expect to find a US Robotics product in stock anywhere before some time (they will make a complete new range of products). The availability of 3Com products is also limited.
  • Special topic for imaging amateurs: the freecom range of products, consisting of an external box (can contain a CD, a hard disk, ...) and a cable to connect the box to your PC, using USB, a PCMCIA card, a firewire interface, ... Just name it !
  • The dollar exchange rate is now between 45 and 50 BEF. As a result, some products became more expensive (HP printers, Microsoft licenses, ...)
  •  09/00 
  • Adaptec announced a complete new range of RAID adapters (2100S, 3200S, 3400S). There is no price fixed yet, but they should be available soon.
  • A new range of CD-rewriters from HP.
  • Lower prices on CPUs.
  • More and more screens use a complete flat tube (Diamondtron NF or FD Trinitron)
  •  07/00 
  • Intel abandonned the slot one and went back to socket-370. AMD will also make its transition from the slot A to the socket A in the near future.
  • AMD is introducing its new range of CPU, the Duron. Available in approx. 1-2 weeks.
  • UDMA 100 (e.g. Asus A7V, IBM 75 GXP series of hard disks).
  • Memory prices are again raising.
  •  03/00 
  • A new motherboard from Asus, the P3V4X. Similar to the Tyan offering (Trinity 400 1854S), it is also equipped with 6 PCI, 1 ISA and 1 AGP 4x slots, UDMA 66, and a front side bus up to 133 MHz. On the 'plus' side, you also have 4 DIMM sockets.
  • A new range of SCSI controllers from Adaptec. The 19160, 29160 and 29160N (named according to their 160 MB / sec bandwith) replace the older models, the 2940 and 2940U2W.
  • AMD first, then Intel both announced 1 GHz processors, although those chips are expected to be put in mass production only for the next quarter.
  • After stopping all 512 KB cache CPUs for some time, Intel is now again producing all the different combinations of processors: 256 / 512 K cache, slot one / socket 370, 100 / 133 MHz, making a quite impressive list of different products. In the (very) near future, the supply of slot one processors will become scarce, and those CPUs will be replaced by their socket 370 counterparts.
  • The price of memory modules came back to a very reasonable level. The price of CPUs is also coming back to normal levels.
  • The supply of DVDs is still far too small to match the demand. This situation is expected to last until may.
  •  11/99 
  • Several motherboard with a front side bus at 133 MHz. You will find in the price list motherboards from Iwill (VD133), Tyan (Trinity 400) and Asus (P3C). The Asus P3C is based on the Intel 820 chipset, is equipped with 2 C-RIMM sockets for up to 1 GB of memory, one AGP 4x slot, and supports - of course - UDMA 66. This card should be available in the first half of next month. Tyan has also a very nice offering, with the Trinity 400. It has all the latest features you could wish: FSB 133 MHz, UDMA 66, socket 370 and slot one (you can e.g. take a Celeron now, and upgrade to a PIII later on), AGP 4x and 6 PCI slots. This board is available immediately.
  • Higher frequency CPUs, and lower prices. Last offerings include the PIII 733 on one side, and the K7 700, on the other. The PIII 450 is now disappearing.
  • For low budget SCSI, we will from now on resell Tekram boards. As you may now, they have very good reputation, and are supported by Linux.
  • The best selling hard drive currently is the IBM 13.5 GB 7200 rpm, priced at 7.000 BEF. Other 7200 rpm offerings at IBM include models at 18, 20, and 34 GB.
  • Several DVD running at 10x 40x. We have currently in stock the Pioneer slot-in version.
  • Several new rewriters, running at 4x 8x 32x, like the Plextor 8432Ti (ATAPI !), HP 9110i (atapi), HP9210i and 9210e (scsi), ...
  • (Long) after Iiyama, Mitsubishi and then Sony, many other screen producers are now heading to completely flat tubes. NEC is now offering a 17-inch 70 kHz screen at 12.190 BEF. If you were used to buy low end screens in the past, in the range of 10.000 BEF, this could be a good opportunity to experience a much better image quality for a comparable price.
  • A new printer from HP, the 970cxi, with a new 2400 dpi colour system. This printer is also able to print in duplex (recto/verso), and is especially silent (46 dB).
  •  06/99 
    New Iiyama screens. Many of you know their Vision Master Pro 450 model, and its naturally flat tube (DiamondTron NF). They are now broadening their range by the addition of two new models, in 17 and 22 inches. Click on these links for more information :
  • Vision Master Pro 410 (17''; 1600x1200@76Hz; 20.590 BEF)
  • Vision Master Pro 450 (19''; 1800x1440@80Hz; 27.600 BEF)
  • Vision Master Pro 510 (22'', 2048x1536@80Hz; 45.550 BEF)

  • We are now also carrying Tyan motherboards. As you may know, there are just 3 motherboard makers worldwide that are beta testers for Intel: that's Intel themselves, Asus and Tyan. This gives them the opportunity to optimize and debug their products before other manufacturers. This competitive edge translates directly to more stable and well designed motherboards.
    New graphic cards, based on the TNT2 chipset (Diamond Viper 770, for example) or on the Matrox G400 chipset.
    Two new printers from HP, the 610 and the 815.
    New prices on Epson printers.
    New prices on cd-rewriters, like those from Plextor and Yamaha.
    Since the beginning of the year, prices on RAM modules are rapidly decreasing. Memory specialists forecast this movement could continue for a few weeks, but would probably change into again increasing prices before the end of the year.
  • Special promotions on screens (Sony, Iiyama) & printers (HP).

  • We are currently hiring. See http://www.adoc-services.com/carreers.html
  • for more information.
  • We are currently contemplating the possibility to create a 0900 phone number to help you with your configuration problems, whether they would concern components bought in our premises or to any other reseller. Please let us know if you think this kind of service could be useful to you...
  •  04/99 
    New, more aggressive pricing on AMD and Intel CPUs.
    A complete range of new CD-RWs from HP
  • For those who are interested by inkjet printers, we created a new dedicated section, where you can find a summary of the main characteristics of many inkjet printers, including cartridge costs and more... Check www.adoc-services.com/Printers.shtml
  • one of the first DVD-RAM, from Toshiba.
  • a new model of ZIP drive, with higher storage capacity (250 MB).
  • the Pentium III, of course
  • New lower prices on many HP inkjet printers.
  • a really nice new motherboard from Intel, the Lancewood L440GX+. Combined with the Astor chassis, it can make a perfect departemental server. Check www.adoc-services.com/Config5.shtml
  • for more information, or http://channel.intel.com/design/servers/l440gx/prodspec.htm and http://channel.intel.com/design/servers/accessories/astorII/index.htm
  • A completely new range of notebooks, mounted according to your specifications: you choose a main board, with screen and keyboard, then CPU, hard disk, memory, and it's done. Try our automated configuration tool on the web. Numerous options will be added in the near future, so check it often...
  • New CD-recorders running at 8x | 20x (Plextor), and CD-RW at 4x | 4x | 16x (Yamaha).
  • AMD K6-2 at 380 and 400 MHz -- available soon.
  • New prices on Pentium-IIs and K6s.
  •  09/98 
  • New prices on AMD's K6 CPUs since September, 1. Intel will lower prices on its CPU range on September, 13. There are some indications that it could be some significative change...
  • New graphic cards including both a 3D accelerator and a graphic adapter appeared in the last days. As a result, prices for Voodoo 2 based accelerators have dropped by as much as 30%.
  •  08/98 
    Special promotions are stored in http://www.adoc-services.com/Promo.shtml .
    Intel unveils the Seattle motherboard, with the latest 440BX chipset. That new chipset brings a new level of performance, through a front side bus now running at 100 MHz. Those motherboards are available right now, at 8900 BEF (w/o sound) and 10300 BEF (with sound).
    Intel introduces the first 333 MHz Pentium-II, with a price tag equal to the former price of the 300 MHz version. Consequently, the prices for the slower performing Pentium-II chips all shift by one degree.
    AMD also lowers prices on its corresponding CPUs.
    Adaptec announces the new AHA-2940U2W, the first controller to implement Ultra 2, the latest breakthrough in SCSI technology. This new controller is capable of burst rates up to 80 MB/sec, yet with a maximum cable length four times as large as the maximum length for Ultra SCSI. This is made possible by using the same differential signalling as was before used only for differential controllers.
    It is fully backward compatible with the older SCSI standards AND allows both types of devices to coexist on the same bus, each device running at its maximum throughput.
    As of now, the price is set at 19200 BEF.
    Once again leading the way for SCSI CD-ROMs, Plextor launches the first Ultra SCSI CD-ROM, with a throughput speed of 4800 KB/sec (i.e. 32x). The unit is equipped with a 512KB buffer, and has an access time of 85 ms. And, of course, it is multiread compatible.
    In parallel, Plextor announces for the end of november a new SCSI CD-writer, with a 12x read speed, and 4x in write mode. Again, the unit will be equipped with a generous 2 MB buffer.
    The latest chipset from Intel, the 440LX, brings AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) and SDRAM support to the Pentium-II. The Atlanta motherboard, equipped with that chipset, is available now.
    Due to the rapid changes in the CPU market, we find it useful to summarize the latest developments, and give an overview of the CPU market in our technology briefing about CPUs.
    On the day when Intel decides to lower the price on its family of x86 chips (mainly the MMX CPUs actually), AMD announces price cuts on its range of K6 CPUs, faithful to its promise to always sell the K6 at 25% less than comparable chips from Intel. From around 18000 BEF at the introduction date, 5 months ago, a K6 200 now sells for slightly over 10000 BEF.
    Watch out for the reponse of Intel to the K6 of AMD and to the soon-to-be-available M2 from Cyrix. New tremendous price cuts on all Intel CPUs are scheduled for July 28.
    Shortly after the release of the K6, Intel introduces its latest version of the Pentium with MMX extensions, running at 233 MHz.
    Be among the firsts to rewrite your CDs. CD Rewritable running at 6x (read) - 2x (write) - 2x (rewrite) are priced at 22450 BEF. Many vendors of CD readers (Plextor, Philips,...) already sell units that are compatible with the CD-RW format. Branded media are available for now at 990 BEF. Be sure to check for the latest price.
    Pentium II MMX running at up to 266 MHz (SPECint95: 10.8 - SPECfp95: 6.89) are available right now.
    Intel announced that 300 MHz versions (SPECint95: 11.6 - SPECfp: 7.20) will be available in volume quantities by Q3 this year. 400 MHz versions are rumored to be available in Q2 '98, with MMX2, a new version of MMX that would incorporate 3D enhancements.
    Basic configuration at 266 MHz(1) starting at 124500 BEF. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.
    Have a look at the new price cuts on all Intel CPUs. Now cheaper than ever before.
    Several major players in the field of hard disk drive technology are announcing for some time that the 4 GB barrier for IDE drives is now broken, and that the limit is now set at 6 GB. These new hard drives are now available for shipment. This includes Seagate, with a new drive in the series of the Medalist Pro, featuring a series of promising characteristics - like its 5400 rpm spindle speed, MR heads and a PRML channel - (currently priced at 22300 BEF). Quantum also announced two new offerings in the 6 GB range, a Fireball model (comparable to Seagate's drive both in terms of price and performance) and a BigFoot drive, more geared towards the entry-level market with its low 15 ms access time (should be priced below 18000 BEF). Other competitors are sure to follow shortly.
    Plextor introduces its new high-speed SCSI CD-ROM reader, the 12/20 Plex, available in internal or external tray versions. This new drive features a random access time of 95 ms and an impressive transfer speed of between 1800 and 3000 KBytes/sec.
    Starting at 9450 BEF.
    The long-awaited DVD are now available, both in IDE (21500 BEF) and SCSI (22700 BEF) flavours. For the record, remember that a double sided, dual layer DVD can store as much as 17 GB, or the equivalent of about 26 CD-ROMs.
    AMD introduces today its 6th generation processor, the K6, featuring MMX extensions, and running at core frequencies from 166, to 200 and 233 MHz. According to early tests, the K6 should perform approximately on par with a Pentium Pro running at the same frequency.

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