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Four New Offerings on the CPU Market Since January This Year. Summary of the Features of the Newcomers. (97/08)
Considering the rate at which recent evolutions appeared in the CPU market, we felt appropriate to issue a technology briefing to present the new offerings from Intel and other vendors. Twenty four months ago, Intel released the Pentium 200, which had paramount performance; the chip will be phased out at this year end. Only looking at new chips since beginning of 1997, we have already 4 new CPUs that were introduced this year: the Pentium with MMX extensions, the K6 from AMD, the Pentium-II and the Cyrix 6x86MX (in chronological order).

This briefing first presents the history of the x86 CPUs for the most important vendors. Then, the salient features of the various present processors (including those four new offerings) are outlined.

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