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General Presentation

aDOC services is a young and fast-growing company since its foundation in 1995. Its purpose is to provide its customers with the highest standards of PC-equipment in terms of quality and services.

aDOC services focuses more precisely on high-end compatible PC computers for applications such as servers, workstations, Computer-Aided Design... For example, we can provide you with high performance Unix machines for a fraction of the price (usually one half to one third) of similar workstations coming from popular Unix workstation makers. In that case, we can install and configure Linux according to your needs.

This is in line with aDOC Services strategy of offering more than simply a package to be thrown in its customers' entrance, with services ranging from the delivery of configured PC through on-site installation to services such as maintenance, network installation (hardware and software), web design, Access development or custom applications development.

How to contact aDOC Services

By email sales @ adoc-services.com e-mail
By telephone +32 (0)2/646.00.76
By fax +32 (0)2/644.97.04
Business hours Mon-Fri (10:00-19:00)
Sat (10:00-18:00)
aDOC Services
Rue Vanderkindere, 99
B-1180 Brussels

parking: Rue de Boetendael, 159
(GPS coordinates: 420'37" E - 5048'48" N)

Our team

Jean-Michel Mangen Internal & external sales & services
Minh Truc Le Internal & external sales & services
Pedro Galveias Internal & external services
Olivier Dumont Network & external services
Sofie Onofre Assembling

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