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What is the World-Wide Web?

The Internet originated in 1969 as an US Department of Defense project, and was called ARPANET. Four nodes (computers) were interconnected. In the ensuing years the number of interconnected nodes slowly increased, and applications were developed, such as electronic mail, file transfer (FTP), access to remote computers (TELNET). the applications available on the Internet were not suited to use by the general public, but rather to computer programmers, with user interfaces being typically from the command-line or at best character based.

This has changed since the apparition of the World-Wide-Web in the early 1990's. The World-Wide Web is based on a client-server architecture, with servers providing graphical contents (in the form of HTML pages) on request of user-friendly client programs called browsers. The user-friendliness of the browsers combined with the graphical possibilities of HTML made the Internet accessible to the general public.

The Internet has been growing exponentially in the last few years, in a great part thanks to the World-Wide-Web, and the number of persons around the world with Internet access ranges now in the tens of millions.Specialists estimate that in the next five years, the Internet will begin to rival the world telephone network in size, and become predominant after 2005.

What is the added value of being present on the World-Wide-Web

First, it is an unsurpassed way of providing information about an organization. By simply indicating to someone the address of the website, that person can access all the information present on the website. There are absolutely no restrictions on the information that can be presented on the website, and typical examples are :

The information can be presented in an interactive way. for example, detailed information about a specific product can be provided upon request of the consulting person.

Second, the site can contain forms that the person consulting the site can fill. These forms, once filled, are stored at the website and can have any purpose, such as :

Finally, commercial transactions can be directly done on the WWW, by filling a form containing for example a credit-card number and a digital signature. Encryption mechanisms exist on the WWW to ensure the confidentiality of the transaction information.

If you feel the time is right for your oranization to have an online presence on the World Wide Web, call us NOW!!

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