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Linux Hardware Compatibility Assesment and/or Installation

If you need a highly powerful UNIX machine, we can provide you with a complete solution based on a Linux PC for one half to one third of the price of most of today's UNIX proprietary workstation that would exhibit the same range of performance.

You can decide:

  • Either we fully install and configure Linux on your machine. You just have to check the box "Linux installed" in our automated quotation system.
  • Or we let you do it yourself, and limit our intervention to guaranteeing the compatibility of the hardware with Linux. All you have to do in this case is to check the box "Linux compatible" in our fully automated quotation system.
Linux Penguin
Linux SMP icon We can also provide you with high-end multi-processor PC, also in various RAID configurations. Have a look at our benchmark section, and compare them with the benchmarks obtained on standard Unix machines. (benchmarks still to be completed -- if you have some that we can publish, please send them with as much information as possible about the system on which it was running by clicking here -- Thanks !).

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