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Networking Support

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Learn How to Save Money On Hardware And Software Equipments

Be happy, be connected...

A Network ? What for ?

A network, that's not only about sharing data stored on a server for remote workstations. Today, for an absurdly low price, you will be able to

Share printers. Your document could be printed on any printer hooked to the network.

Share the disks of each machine connected to the network, as a whole, or only some of their directories, with or without password, read-only or read/write. And all that very easily, with only a few clicks.

Share a fax/modem. You only need a regular PSTN line, a modem, and every connected PC can now send faxes, connect to BBSes, ...

Share an Internet connexion.

Share your applications. You could even lower your software budget, by buying only the number of licenses you use concurrently, instead of buying one license per machine on which it could run. Buy exactly what you need; not more, not less.

If you work with MS Exchange, there are a lot of functionnalities that could save you time, like being able to

Send and receive internal mail. No need to waste time going from one office to another. No time wasted either waiting for somebody; just send an e-mail, and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Organise a common agenda. An efficient way to know when to hold a meeting, or when such and such colleagues will be available,...

Share your address book, partly or as a whole.

Manage efficiently the tasks of your co-workers and yourself.

For all that, you need... well, actually, not so much: you need a specialist - it could be you with only some advice - a few network interface cards and some cabling - either UTP or BNC.

Just call us today to install your network, and save money on the ressources you will be able to share (hardware and software). Very soon, we'll catch you saying "But why didn't I make it earlier ?"

Ok. So, how can you help me ?

We can deliver a complete solution, installed in your premises. This covers:

All hardware equipment needed, ranging from network interface cards, to hubs, switches, and even cabling. If needed, we can of course upgrade your machines with more memory, or provide you with powerful departemental servers.

Installation of the cabling, with spouts, wall-mounted or recessed mounted outlets for UTP cabling, ...

Network installation of the applications (the application is installed on the server, you buy as much licenses as the number of concurrent users for each application, and each client connects to the server as needed).

No need to go with two different suppliers for the hardware equipment and for the installation, or with a computer reseller that will not be able to install properly the cabling and the applications, or with a network installer that will not be able to get good prices on the hardware. We can provide you with an easy, complete and integrated solution.

To see how cheap that could be, have a look at our price list for networking items. However, the best is of course to ask us for an evaluation of the work to be performed. Of course, that evaluation is completely free of charge, and non binding.

How can I be sure everything will be ok ?

You can of course look at a list of customer references who were satisfied with our services in the past.

We can also announce that we recently graduated as "allround networking expert" in 3Com's examinations (final grade: 8.6).

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