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  1. This quotation is valid only for complete configurations. For spare parts, please refer to the price list instead.
  2. The components mentioned on this page are only the components we sell most often. Please enquire via e-mail if you require other components.

1. Choose type of PC

Desktop computer

2. Choose configuration

Please indicate the desired configuration below. For each row in the table below, you may either select a specific item, or ask us guidance for that particular item. In that case, choose 'Please Advise'.

3. Get a Quotation

By pushing the Quote button, a quotation is provided for the selected configuration. The list of items included in the quotation is also included.

Note: the quotation only includes the items specifically chosen. No estimation is made for the items described as 'Please advise'.

Note: Although we did our uttermost best to avoid all mistakes in the price database, we cannot accept any liability for the automatic quotations. Besides, it should be emphasized that we may have to change some elements in machines on which people require linux to run. That quotation does not include the overhead for services like maintenance,... either.
Please enquire by e-mail for a firm and complete quotation (see below).

4. Ask for Expert Advice

If you have left some of the items in the configuration as 'Please Advise', you can submit your configuration to us, and we'll get back to you by e-mail with a complete configuration and a complete quotation shortly.

Windows XP Home Installed Yes No Linux Compatible Yes I don't care
Windows XP Pro Installed Yes No Linux Installed Yes No
Note: If you require the installation of several operating systems, we provide you a multi-boot software.

Normally, all prices are for immediate payment. For regular customers, administrations or universities, we accept payment at 30 days, starting at the end of month. Please check the box below if you require these terms of payment (adds 3% to your bill).
For other payments terms, please enquire by e-mail.
30 days, starting at the end of the month

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Last updated: March 25, 2014

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